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Monitor all activities concerning synthetic amorphous silica(SAS) and silicates (e.g. amorphous calcium silicate and synthetic amorphous sodium aluminosilicate):

  • Promote the safe manufacture and use of;

  • Sponsor ongoing scientific research on the safety of;

  • Follow other ongoing scientific research on the safety of;

  • Monitor and respond to relevant global regulatory initiatives related to EHS requirements for manufacturing and use (e.g. food additives; feed additives; pharmaceuticals; food contact applications; cosmetics; paints, coatings and inks)

  • Monitor substance classifications, descriptions and standards: e.g. synthetic amorphous vs crystalline silica; “nanomaterial” definitions and classifications; food additive standards

  • Consult and cooperate with regional, national and international agencies and organizations to provide education and input on matters having industry-wide significance

  • Coordinate and cooperate with the European-based Association of Silica and Silicate Producers  on all project and program

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