SASilicates  can impart a versatile range of properties and functionalities. SASilicates have been safely used in a wide variety of consumer and industrial applications for many decades.


SASilicates specific industrial applications include use as a raw material for silica gel production, as corrosion inhibitors and anti-scaling agents, dust binding agents, flame-retardants, flotation agents, impregnation agents, stabilizers and viscosity adjustors. The chemical activity of soluble silicates also makes it valuable in soil solidification and in catalyst production, as well as in the manufacture of silicate derivatives.


Sodium silicate is also used as an ingredient in a wide range of consumer products including adhesives, binding agents and sealants, water treatment, construction materials, fabrics, textiles and apparel, glass and ceramic products, lubricants, greases, paintings and coatings, paper products, photographic and reprographic products, soaps and detergents and hair coloring preparations.

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